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Course Outline now available to students in the Student Portal

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Course Outline now available to students in the Student Portal
by Patrick Raets - Thursday, 12 July 2018, 1:20 PM

A link to published course outlines is now available to students in the Student Portal. This will allow students to access published course outlines even if the learnonline course site is set to “Hide”. This will be advantageous if you want to advise students of course requirements in advance of course commencement. The following notice has been posted in the Student Portal.

Student Portal Announcement

Course Outline Available in myUniSA

Your course outline can now be accessed from myUniSA as soon as it is published. This may be in advance of your learnonline course site opening. To access your course outline:

  1. Login to the Student Portal
  2. Click myCurrent Studies at the top of the page.
  3. Click the “iView Details icon on the right of the course name.
  4. Click the course link under the Course Outline heading.

Please note:

  • The course outline link will only function if the Course Outline has been published.
  • The Assessment Policy and Procedure Manual states, “A course outline must be made available online before the first day of teaching in the course.” (Clause 2.1.1d). It is therefore at the discretion of the course coordinator; how far in advance of the first teaching day they publish the course outline.