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Lecture Recording System Training (Panopto)

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Lecture Recording System Training (Panopto)
by Amy Martin - Tuesday, 31 July 2018, 9:55 AM


What is Panopto?
Panopto is the University's new Lecture Recording System, but it offers a whole lot more than that!

Panopto Recorder is replacing the Echo 360 desktop capture system and provides some great features within the recorder to capture more information to students.

The editing functionality within Panopto makes it really easy to edit your video and add interactive content.

You can find out more about Panopto through the Help Pages and if you would like to attend Panopto Creator Training please register your interest by completing this form!

The next scheduled times are:

Wednesday 01/08 @ 10 am (Online)
Monday 06/08 @ 2 pm (City West)


Please note: these are the final rounds of scheduled Panopto training as part of the implementation project. If you are unable to attend these you will need to rely on Online resources. Further training sessions can be organised through an Online Educational Designer if you have a group of a minimum 10 participants. Please get in touch with TIU to arrange.