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Lecture Recording Notifications

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Lecture Recording Notifications
by Amy Martin - Monday, 17 September 2018, 10:27 AM

Since the introduction of the new Lecture Recording System (LRS) - Panopto, the process to receive notifications on Lecture availability has changed.


By default there is no email notifications, this can be enabled though by turning on email notification under your USER SETTINGS in Panopto.With email notifications turned on within your Panopto profile you will receive notifications for all sessions for which you have creator access (generally all courses you coordinate).

Click on your name and select User Settings

For more information on how to enable please see the learnonline help page for more information on enabling the email notifications.


Note: Please DO NOT enable email notifications on Lecture Folders as this will email a very large audience, and will not provide you with the notification if you do not have the email notifications turned on via your User profile.