Add readings by search

If you know the reading you would like to add to your list, and you think it may have already been used as a reading, you can search for it in the eReserve repository. Alternatively, you can search for items available online in the Library Catalogue.

1. Choose the Add menu button and select Find an existing reading:


2. Choose the Find button:


3. Use the Locations field to choose to search eReserve Plus, the Library Catalogue, or both:


4. Use the Document dropdown list to choose the kind of reading to search for. For the best results, be as specific as you can (i.e. if the reading is an article in a journal, choose the Journal Article kind).


5. Use the Terms box to choose the citation elements you would like to search for. The results will be better for specific elements such as title, author, and publication date. For each element, type in your search terms, and then choose Submit:


6. Your results will display below. You can use the first icon on the right of each result to view the item, and the second checkbox icon to select that item as your reading:


7. On the right side of the page, choose whether the reading is required or recommended for your students, and enter any notes you would like to provide to either Library staff or your students. Choose the Submit button to finalise your request:

(SPECIAL NOTE: Entering any content in the Notes for library field will prevent your reading request from being auto-approved.) 


Instruction video

Watch the video below for a full demonstration of the process:


1. Does the eReserve/Catalogue search accept operators and double quotes?

No and Yes. Search operators (i.e. AND, OR, NOT) are not recognised. Phrase searching within double quotes will return relevant results from the Catalogue (but not from eReserve).

Last modified: Friday, 16 October 2020, 12:19 PM