Embed readings in course pages

To include a reading or readings with citations and links in one of your LearnOnline course pages, go to the page, turn on editing, and edit the section of text where you want to add readings.

1. In the text editor, place the cursor at the point where you want to insert readings, and click the icon with the eReserve logo:


2. Use the Reading list dropdown to select the list with a current duration/study period. The reading list will display below:


3. Find the reading or readings you want to insert, and select the checkbox on their left side:


4. Use the Next button at the top of the screen to continue:


5. You will see a preview of the readings you have selected. If you are happy with your selection, choose the Next button:


6. The embedded readings will appear in your text editor as shown below. Use the Save changes button to finalise the changes to your text.


Instruction video

Watch the video below for a full demonstration of this process:


1. Why do I see a cookie warning when I try to embed or view embedded readings?

Your browser security settings are preventing eReserve from loading into LearnOnline. This issue affects the Edge browser on UniSA PCs, so please use another browser.

2. How to delete embedded readings?

Depending on your browser:

  • place your cursor before the readings and press Delete, or
  • select the readings with your cursor and press Delete, or
  • place your cursor after the readings and press Backspace.

The entire selection of readings will be deleted together.

3. Can I move embedded readings around by drag and drop?

Yes, if you are using the Atto editor in LearnOnline (not the TinyMCE editor). This works best if you first select some surrounding text along with the reading, and then drag the selected text.

Alternatively, you can embed one or more readings via Add an activity or resource > Resources > Label. This will create your reading as a single element which can be dragged around and dropped where necessary.

4. If I embed multiple readings at the same time, what order will they display in?

The readings will display in the same relative order they were positioned in your full reading list at the time you embedded.

5. Will students be able to use eReserve to embed readings when making forum posts?


6. What are the consequences for students wanting to access their readings outside of the defined period?

They’ll be able to see the embedded readings with their full citations, but links to the readings will be inactive.

Last modified: Wednesday, 30 September 2020, 4:02 PM