What is Culture?

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The following resources are designed to inform your professional practice when working with and for Aboriginal communities.

Discipline-Specific E-Readings

What is culture?  Insights from staff and students.

Brad Bown, Senior Civil Engineer, WSP

Kylie Ellis, Aboriginal Student Engagement Officer 

Hayden Bromley, Cultural Safety Consultant

Dr Kevin O'Louglin OAM

Dr Sithara Walpita Gamage, Lecturer 

Dr Steve Leib, Program Director

Liz Smith, Program Director

Prof Simon Beecham 

Dr James Ward

Dr Lewis O'Brien OAM

Kirsten Wahlstrom, Lecturer

Daniel Clohesy, Engineering Graduate

Dr Steve Burroughs OAM, Adjunct Prof Architecture

Chris Garstone, Asset Manager, Yura Yungi Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation

Assoc Prof Rowena Ball, ANU

Caty Morris, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematical Alliance

Dr Silvia Pignata, Senior Lecturer Aviation

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