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Major Moodle 2020 upgrade, including a new theme! – Have your say!

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Major Moodle 2020 upgrade, including a new theme! – Have your say!
by Patrick Raets - Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 12:02 PM

The 2020 moodle upgrade will move our moodle versions from 3.5 to the next long term support version, 3.9. It will also allow us to have the same moodle code base for both the UniSA and UniSA Online versions of moodle. This will create a more streamlined upgrade process in the future and a better experience for students participating in both environments.

Along with the version upgrade it is also time for the themes to be updated. The themes change will create a simpler more user-friendly experience for staff and students and assist with the aim to make the use of course websites consistent for students. This in turn will allow them to focus on their course content and study and not the navigation/use of the course site. There will still be a distinction between UniSA and UniSA Online versions. An entirely new theme will be applied to UniSA moodle as the existing theme is no longer supported. The UniSA Online theme will have minor changes.

We are currently designing the initial version of the new theme and will soon have a prototype available for your input and feedback. The more input that we receive at this stage, the better the result, your commitment would be a maximum of an hour or two, within a given window.  If you are willing to assist with this part of the project, email your interest to Patrick.Raets@unisa.edu.au. Having the list of volunteers ready, will assist with meeting the December release date. The TIU will be in contact when the feedback step dates are known. The exact format to be confirmed.