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Panopto – The new Lecture Recording System

Panopto – The new Lecture Recording System

by Wayne Pedder -
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Panopto will replace the old Echo360 lecture recording system (LRS) due to be retired at the end of June. Three lecture theatres will commence recording with Panopto on June 4. The remaining lecture theatres will transition to Panopto prior to the commencement of SP5.

Panopto works in a similar way to Echo360 and lecturers won’t notice a great difference between the two systems. Lecture recordings will still process automatically and publish to the learnonline course site. Recordings can be edited with the Panopto editor which is intuitive and easy to use.

Existing Echo360 recordings will remain available as read-only files until they are archived at the end of 2019.

Echo360 Personal Capture will be replaced with the new Panopto Recorder which has excellent features to help you create interactive and engaging learning resources.

Please consult the Staff Portal Announcement for detailed information about Panopto and the transition.