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Panopto LRS is Operational

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Panopto LRS is Operational
by Wayne Pedder - Monday, 4 June 2018, 11:06 AM

The new Panopto lecture recording system (LRS) went live today. A Staff Portal Announcement and UniSA Announcements email have been posted with details of the new Panopto LRS and the process of decommissioning the old Echo360 system. I'd like to highlight the following key points from those communications.

Using Panopto LRS in lecture theatres

Panopto technical functionality in lecture theatres is much the same as Echo360 and presenters will notice little difference. The LRS Project Team will be on-hand in lecture theatres (for technical assistance) for the initial round of recordings.

Access Recordings from Moodle

Access to lecture recordings won’t change. Students and staff can still access automatically recorded lectures from the Lecture Recordings link in the Course Essentials block of learnonline course sites. 


Lecture Theatres

ISTS will visit schools over coming weeks to provide an overview of the technical components of the Panopto LRS system installed in lecture theatres.

Panopto Software
TIU will provide school-based training for a minimum of 10 participants on how to use the Panopto software to edit lecture recordings as well as the Panopto Recorder that will replace Echo360 Personal Capture. Training requests must be submitted to the TIU by your Head of School (or delegate) who has been emailed with detail of the request process.

Comprehensive online help resources are available for staff and students.

Panopto Recorder

The Panopto Recorder will replace Echo360 Personal Capture. You will need to download the Panopto Recorder. The process is easy and instructions are available at the following link.

Help and Support

Panopto implementation

Questions about the Panopto LRS implementation should be directed to:

Technical problems in Lecture Theatres

Contact the Help Desk.

Help using Panopto editing software and the Panopto Recorder

Contact the Help Desk.