Research Degree Graduate Qualities

RDGQsThere are seven identified graduate qualities and outcomes that result from doing a research degree at UniSA. These competencies are transferable to the workplace, whether academic or professional. This resource will support you and your supervisors to complete your Reviews of Progress during your candidature.

How to use this site

  1. For each of the seven Research Degree Graduate Qualities (RDGQs) you will find generic indicators and activities and/or achievements that relate to that quality.
  2. In your Review of Progress reports, use this information as a general guide to nominate specific RDGQs  next to achievements (Part D: Review and reflection) and planning activities (Part E: Planning).

What they are and how to achieve them (resources)

Look at RDGQs and Reviews of Progress for how to articulate, elaborate and record (with your supervisors) demonstrable skills and achievements during your candidature.

Link to the individual RDGQs for how to achieve them:

RDGQ 1: Research knowledge and methodologies
RDGQ 2: Lifelong learning

RDGQ 3: Problem solving in research

RDGQ 4: Autonomous and collaborative research work

RDGQ 5: Ethical and social issues in research

RDGQ 6: Communication of research knowledge

RDGQ 7: International perspectives on research



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