• The workshop information and online resources on this site are tailored to candidates working with business, social science and humanities disciplines and methodologies. Information about research proposal writing workshops, and a link to the EDGEx registration site can be found below. Online resources to support research writing are linked from the right menu. Please read through the workshop information before coming along to a workshop. Save this site to your favourites list!

    Research proposal writing workshops for business, social science and humanities disciplines are offered as a series of ten, two-and-a-half hour workshops at City West and Magill campuses in the first and second half of the year. The series in the second part of the year continues into February and March of the following year. It is important to attend all of the workshops in the series, ideally in the first year of candidature. However, you are welcome to attend later in candidature and to repeat workshops as needed. The content covered in workshops with the same title is identical and you are welcome to attend a workshop in another series if you are unable to attend your regular series. Workshops involve facilitator-led presentations and group activities, analysis of discipline examples, group or pair discussion of your research and research writing, and individual writing on your research proposal. The online resources linked from the right menu on this site cover the core messages covered in the face-to-face workshops. Please read through the online resource that corresponds with the workshop before coming along. 

    In addition to accessing the online resources, candidates can receive individual assistance on drafts of writing over email or telephone with referral from a supervisor. If you would like individual assistance, please contact Wendy Bastalich

    REGISTER (Registrations for 2021 workshops will open one month prior to series start)

    It is important to register for workshops as reminders, pre-workshop activities and other information about workshops is forwarded from the registration site to your student email address. Don't forget to check your student email regularly. If you find you will not be able to attend a workshop, we would appreciate it if you could deregister for the workshop as soon as possible. This is important as facilitators plan workshops and make other important decisions affecting everyone in the group based on the registration numbers.

    Workshop series 2021 (unless bolded in the table below)

    Workshop title CW, MarchSept 2021, Weds Magill, March–Dec 2021, Friday CW, Sept 2021–Feb 2022, Weds
    1. Research reading

    10 March, 3–5.30pm, JS6-17


    29 Sept, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17

    2. Reviewing literature

    24 March, 3–5.30pm, JS6-17


    13 Oct, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17

    3. Referencing for scholars

    7 April, 3–5.30pm, JS6-17


    27 Oct, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17

    4. Writing about methods

    5 May, 3–5.30pm, JS6-17


    10 Nov, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17 

    5. RP introduction

    19 May, 3–5.30pm, JS6-17


    24 Nov, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17

    6. Editing essentials

    2 June, 3–5.30pm, JS6-17


    1 Dec, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17 

    7. Working with supervisors

    16 June, 3─5.30pm, JS6-17           tbc

    8 Dec, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17

    8. Giving an effective academic presentation

    30 June, 9–11.30am, JS6-17


    2 Feb 2022, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17

    9. Practice your presentation

    7 July, 9–11.30am, JS6-17


    16 Feb 2022, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17

    10. Turn your RP into a thesis

    22 Sept, 3–5.30pm, JS6-17


    2 March 2022, 12.30–3pm, JS6-17