The quality world

An important part of our perceived world is the quality world. Dr Glasser describes the quality world as a "personal picture album" of all the people, things, ideas, and ideals that we have discovered increase the quality of our lives.

While the basic human needs are the general motivation for all human behaviour, the quality world is the specific motivation. The basic human needs describe what we need, the quality world pictures detail how we meet those needs. The basic human needs are universal; our individual quality worlds are unique.

The pictures in our quality world:

  1. Meet one or more of our basic human needs
  2. Are changing and changeable
  3. Are unique
  4. Often conflict with each other
  5. Vary in levels of intensity
  6. Vary in levels of attainability


You can download this activity and use it individually or with your group members

  1. My quality world


The comparing place