Topic Name Description
Assessing group work Page Product and process

Product and process

Page Different levels of group skills

Different levels of group skills

Page Peer assessment
Page Self assessment

Self assessment

URL Workshop Module

Your best friend for peer and self assessment

Page Resources


Recording achievement of collaboration skills Page Why should I record achievement?

Why should I record achievement?

Page Your electronic portfolio

Your electronic portfolio

Resources Page Resources
Page About the project
URL Working collaboratively Learning object
Topic 8 Page Explore the Wheel model
Page Introduction
Page Overview of structure and function
Page Fibre - communication
Page Hub - values, vision, goals
Page Rim - operating agreements, norms, culture
Page Spoke - roles and responsibilities
Page Spoke - planning
Page Spoke - problem solving
Page Spoke - decision making
Page Spoke - conflict resolution
Page Spoke - reflection
Page Tyre - flexibility and change
Page Focus sheet
Page Being proactive
Book Choice Theory Basics

This learning object contains a synopsis and learning activities drawn from William Glasser's Choice theory. It can assist individuals appreciate about personal responsibility for change as a component of effective collaboration.