Self assessment

Self assessment is an assessment technique that simultaneously assesses and develops elements of Graduate Quality 2

Graduate Quality 2: a graduate is prepared for life long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice

A Graduate will

  • locate, evaluate, manage and use information in a range of contexts – ie be information literate
  • understand the limitations of, and have the capacity to evaluate, their current knowledge
  • understand and accept personal weaknesses, strengths and preferred learning styles, have knowledge of a range of learning strategies, and take responsibility for their learning and development
  • respond confidently to change in a flexible and adaptable manner
  • maintain a positive concept of self as capable and autonomous
  • sustain intellectual interest and critical thinking as a mature professional.

Self assessment of group work is when each member of a student group is asked to

  • reflect on their own performance in relation to set criteria related to group process,
  • articulate a personal vision for improvement
  • construction a plan by which to achieve this improvement.

Self assessment is often done repetitively to monitor progress in development of group process skills.

The teacher may chose to

  • get students to use a journal and assess the students reflection, vision, and planing work
  • get students to use a journal and submit their plans for improvement and milestones
  • allow students to reflect and nominate one area that they will improve. At the the end of the group activity students need to submit a personal improvement statement that describes any improvement made and provides evidence for this development (e.g. their postings in online discussion groups for the group).

Self assessment can also be a helpful addition to peer assessment.

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