Your electronic portfolio

Maraha software is much like an electronic portfolio. A Portfolio can be used for many purposes. It can be a record or log of all your skills, experiences & achievements which you can use in your resume or selection criteria statement when applying for jobs. It can also be used to create a Professional Portfolio as an additional document to support your claims of suitability for a position.

Your Portfolio can be a list of relevant experiences and achievements for a particular job, a record of the projects you have completed, or can even be dedicated to a particular theme – eg: records of your experience in international relations or e-commerce or training and development etc.

Maraha ePortfolio enables you to:

  • record relevant achievements and experiences over the duration of your program of study
  • link these records to associated Graduate Qualities
  • view and edit your achievements and experiences
  • select relevant achievements and experiences to build your Graduate Qualities portfolio for a particular job selection criteria
  • view all your records.


You can access your maraha ePortfolio at

Before starting your own portfolio, select and open the sample portfolios to gain some idea of the kind of language used in these documents. You may wish to download these examples so that you have them next to you as you are adding your own records to your ePortfolio.

Last modified: Tuesday, 8 September 2015, 4:19 PM