Reading resources

Developing reading capability

1. Reading efficiently Class video presentation (15:46 mins)

Video presentation by Dr Shashi Nallaya looking at how to read efficiently for an assignment. Includes how to read for specific information, and various reading approaches. Works through examples. 

Watch the video in the Panopto viewer (It will open in a new browser window, and you may need to log in with your UniSA login details). 

Give this link to a class to watch individually (more information):  You can also download the presentation (108 MB) as a video file from this link (more information). 

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2. Developing reading at program and course level Strategies for teachers

List of strategies for program and course staff to help foster reading capabilitity in students.

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3. Mapping reading capabilities Matrix for teachers

A matrix for teachers to map reading capabilities from a program prespective. 

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4. Strategies for developing reading capability Strategies for teachers

Outline of teacher strategies for developing students' reading capabilities, including pre-reading strategies, while-reading strategies, and post-reading strategies. Includes a reading log template and  links to other students resources. 

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5. Strategies targeting reading capability Strategies for course and program staff

Teacher guide on mapping curriculum and assessment at program level to reading capabilities. Includes information on mapping program learning outcomes, teaching strategies and approaches, critical reading skills, pre-reading while-reading and post-reading strategies. 

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