Reflecting on UniSA's graduate qualities

We have mentioned that reflection assists in learning Moon (2004).  One way to gain a deeper, more critical level of reflection is to consider how an event has developed qualities that are valuable when you graduate from university.

The University of South Australia has adopted as institutional policy a statement of seven graduate qualities as the outcomes it seeks for its undergraduates (stated below). It has also developed a related set of Research Degree Graduate Qualities. A graduate of the University of South Australia.  Each of the qualities has indicators which serve as a guide to their development:

  1. operates effectively with and upon a body of knowledge of sufficient depth to begin professional practice
  2. is prepared for life-long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice  Graduates of UniSA
  3. is an effective problem solver, capable of applying logical, critical, and creative thinking to a range of problems
  4. can work both autonomously and collaboratively as a professional
  5. is committed to ethical action and social responsibility as a professional and citizen
  6. communicates effectively in professional practice and as a member of the community
  7. demonstrates international perspectives as a professional and as a citizen.

Action: Translating these generic qualities into the language used by your profession will assist you to make connections between your studies at UniSA and the qualities required for success in your profession.  In your reflective writing refer to the relevant quality and consider how you can apply what you have learnt to other areas.

Record your achievements either on paper or electronically as these will be valuable to use as specific examples when writing applications or being interviewed in the future.

You are now ready to complete the final activity of this module.

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