Is this the best fit?

Why do you think this?

Take another look at the characteristics of each category and consider whether there is another category that better fits this piece?

Hatton and Smith's (1995) criteria

  1. Descriptive: - no discussion beyond description with no evidence of reflection
  2. Descriptive reflective: - description of events with some evidence of deeper consideration in relatively descriptive language.  No real evidence of alternative viewpoints.
  3. Dialogic reflection: - There is a 'stepping back' from the events and actions which leads to different levels of discussion.  A sense of 'mulling over' events is shown.  Evaluation of judgements and a consideration of possible alternatives for explaining and hypothesising about them is shown.  The reflection is analytical or integrative, linking factors and perspectives.
  4. Critical Reflection: - aware that actions and events may be 'located' within and explicable by multiple perspectives, but are located in and influenced by multiple socio-political contexts.

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