Critique of Presentation Reflection 2


An account showing evidence of some reflection.  It best fits Hatton and Smith's (1995) Dialogic reflection level.

  1. There is description of the event, but where there are external ideas or information, the material is subjected to consideration and deliberation.
  2. The account shows some analysis.
  3. There is recognition of the worth of exploring motives for behaviour.
  4. There is willingness to be critical of action.
  5. Relevant and helpful detail is explored where it has value.
  6. There is recognition of the overall effect of the event on self – in other words, there is some ‘standing back’ from the event.
  7. The account is written at one point in time.  It does not, therefore, demonstrate the recognition that views can change with time and more reflection.  In other words the account does not indicate a recognition that frames of reference affect the manner in which we reflect at a given time

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