Critique of Presentation Reflection 3


This account shows quite deep reflection, and it does incorporate a recognition  that  the frame of reference with which an event is viewed can change

It best fits Hatton and Smith's (1995) critical reflection level.

  1. Self questioning is evident (an ‘internal dialogue’ is set up at times) deliberating  between different views of her own behaviour (different views of her own and others).
  2. Marianne takes into account the views and motives of others and considers these against her own.
  3. She recognises how prior experience, thoughts (own and other’s) interact with the production of her own behaviour.
  4. There is clear evidence of standing back from an event.
  5. She helps herself to learn from the experience by splitting off the reflective processes from the points she wants to learn (by asterisk system). 
  6. There is recognition that the personal frame of reference can change according to the emotional state in which it is written, the acquisition of new information, the review of ideas and the effect of time passing.

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