24181              CARCINOMA OF THE BLADDER


The patient was a 69-year old woman who presented with haematuria and was found to have a papillary transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder. I.V.P. showed a non-functioning right kidney. Repeated fulguration of the bladder papillomata failed to eradicate the tumour and the patient eventually died with malignant cachexia. Multiple metastases were present in the liver and abdominal lymph nodes.


The specimen is the bladder and urethra. There is a carcinomatous patch on the postero-lateral mucosal surface at a point about 7 cms from the internal urethral orifice. This irregular nodular carcinomatous patch measures 2 x 1.5 cms. There are some small seeds below this area. There is a further patch just above the right ureteric orifice. It is nodular and about 1 cm in diameter. It is surrounded by several mucosal seeds. Histology shows pleomorphic transitional cell carcinoma.

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