24076              SILICOSIS


The patient was a 73 year old former sandblaster who began to feel short of breath in 1964.  In 1971 a lung function test showed severe obstructive and restrictive ventilatory defect.  On admission in May 1972 he was in the terminal stage of respiratory failure.  There was restricted air entry in all areas of the lung with coarse bronchial breathing.  The liver was large and tender.  He died on the second day.


The specimen is of a section of the left lung.  There is a large mass of conglomerate silicosis in the posterior segment of the upper lobe.  The mass measures 6 x 3 cms and extends into the lingula for a little distance.  There is surprisingly little disease in the remainder of the lung.  Histology shows typical silicotic fibrosis.  There is no evidence of tuberculosis.


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