3656a              CARCINOMA OF THE LUNG

3656b              LIVER SECONDARIES

The patient, a male aged 67, had a cough with sputum present for 3 months.  This was followed by sudden, complete and permanent loss of voice.  Four weeks prior to admission to hospital he developed pleuritic pain with shortness of breath.  He had lost much weight.  He was admitted to hospital with a collapsed lower lobe of the right lung, enlarged liver and palpable abdominal masses.


The specimen shows portion of the left lung and trachea.  Surrounding the left main bronchus and its main branch to the upper lobe is a mass of neoplastic tissue.  The growth has also extended up along the wall of the trachea.  The hilar lymph glands are enlarged and pigmented and some contain deposits of neoplastic tissue.


On the reverse of the specimen a slice taken from the liver shows numerous secondary deposits of the carcinoma.

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