15910              CARCINOMA OF CERVIX


The patient was a woman aged 40 with a 3-day history of vaginal bleeding and dragging pain.  Examination and biopsy confirmed the presence of a carcinoma of the cervix.  Cystoscopy showed extensive malignant invasion of the bladder.  Radiotherapy was given.  Terminally there was urinary suppression and the BUN was 150 mg/dL.  At postmortem there was extensive peritoneal carcinomatosis, both ureters were obstructed and there was bilateral hydronephrosis.


The specimen consists of the pelvic organs.  Carcinoma of the cervix has spread anteriorly to infiltrate the trigone of the bladder where it presents as a pale nodular mass.  There is obvious subserous infiltration in the pouch of Douglas.  The dilated right ureter is attached to the specimen.  Tumour nodules cover the fundus of the uterus and spread into a large tag of adherent omentum attached to the fundus.  The right ovary is large, pale and fleshy.  Histology shows anaplastic squamous carcinoma.

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