11448              CARCINOMA OF THE BREAST


The patient was a woman aged 34. A simple right mastectomy had been performed 20 months previously for carcinoma, when the patient was 4 months pregnant. Radiotherapy was given to the area but numerous subcutaneous recurrent nodules developed around the scar and in the left breast. Both ovaries were then removed without significant effect. Her last admission was for removal of both adrenals, but she died 35 days after the operation. At postmortem there were numerous ulcerated nodules in the scar tissue of the right anterior chest wall, with large suppurating sinuses extending to the pleura. The left breast was hard and craggy.

The specimen shows a slice of this breast including the nipple and areola. There is an irregular carcinoma 5 cms in diameter lying deep in the breast beneath the nipple but extending upwards along the ducts towards the nipple, which is somewhat retracted. Histology shows a scirrhous carcinoma in the left breast. Residual nodules on the right side are more cellular and anaplastic.

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