9468                LARGE CORTICAL ADENOMA


The patient was a man aged 48 who was admitted with pneumonia and a complicating intra-cranial lesion. The CSF contained 1700 polymorphs and 200 lymphocytes. Craniotomy showed an intracerebral abscess which was drained. He died 4 days later. At postmortem there was an abscess in the left occipital pole and two abscesses in the left lobe of the cerebellum. Section of the lung showed only pneumonia and no obvious tumour or bronchiectasis.


The specimen was an incidental finding in the kidney. It shows a hypernephromatous tumour 5 cms in diameter projecting laterally from the lower pole. Histology showed lipid-filled cells which were unusually long and forming abortive tubules with numerous papillary projections into their lumina. There were no metastases.

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